Damianos Sakas 

University of Peloponnese, Greece


Dimitrios Vlachos

University of Peloponnese, Greece

Advisory Committee

Scientific Committee

  • Gustaf Neumann, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria
    Program Transformation, Data Modelling, Information Systems Technology, E-learning Applications
  • Konstadinos Kutsikos, University of the Aegean, Greece
    Business Transformation, Innovation Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation
  • Vaughan Michell, University of Reading, UK
    Business Architecture, Business technology Consulting, Knowledge Intensive Process Optimisation
  • Yannakoudakis Emmanuel, Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece
    Database Design & Management, Information Retrieval, Databases for Artificial Intelligence and Psychometric Testing
  • Joseph Tan, McMaster University, Canada
    Strategic E-business and E-health Models, Individual or Group Decision Effectiveness
  • Roger Chiang, University of Cincinnati, USA
    Business Intelligence, Data and Knowledge Management, Intelligent Systems, Database Integration, Data and Text Mining
  • Angelo Sifaleras, University of Macedonia, Greece
    Mathematical Programming, Network Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, Optimization Software
  • Achilleas Boukis, University of Sussex, UK
    Innovation Management, Luxury Marketing, Marketing Research, Service Encounter, Services Marketing
  • Georgia Koloniari , University of Macedonia, Greece
    Social Networks, Graph Databases, Distributed Systems
  • Laurent Moccozet, University of Geneva, Switzerland
    3D Modelling, Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Literacy, CMS Systems, Virtual Environments
  • Panagiotis Trivellas, TEI of Central Greece, Greece
    Strategic Leadership, Corporate culture, HRM, Quality Assurance, TQM, and 6 Sigma, Quality assurance in Higher Education, Strategic Management
  • Dimitrios Tsagdis, University of Hull, UK
    international business, strategy and policy is interdisciplinary grounded in a holistic approach involving different levels of organisational complexity
  • Yulia Taratukhina, National Research University, Russia
    Smart Education, Smart E-learning Strategies, Hardware and Software Systems
  • Xiaodong Liu, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
    Cloud Computing, Semantic Model, Sustainable and Personalisable E-Business Services
  • Zinaida Avdeeva, National Research University, Russia
    Smart Education, Smart E-learning Strategies, Hardware and Software Systems
  • Joan Montllor-Serrats, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
    Economics, Finance Management, Business Systems Economics, Business Management
  • Rima Tamosiuniene, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
    Decision Methods, Cases on Business Economics, Business Economics
  • Joao Alvaro Carvalho, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
    Modelling Enterprises, Modelling IT Applications, Business Processes Models
  • Nikolajus Markevicius, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
    Business Economics, Business Policy and Strategy, Decision Methods
  • Linas Sadzius, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
    Corporate Strategy, Cases on International Business Strategy, Decision Techniques
  • Vicky Manthou, University of Macedonia, Greece
    Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Strategy, ERP - Enterprise Resource Integrated Systems
  • Rainer Alt, University of Leipzig, Germany
    Business Application Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Methods for management of interorganizational processes
  • George Boda, Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary
    Business Economics, Business Policy and Strategy, Decision Methods
  • Witold Abramowicz, The Poznan University of Economics, Poland
    Adaptive Services Grid, Enhanced Information Retrieval and Filtering for Analytical Systems, Filtering Web Services, mobile Information Filtering, The Distance Learning Platform
  • Theodore H. Kaskalis, University of Macedonia, Greece
    Computer Science, Information Science, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Distributed Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing,
  • Gediminas Macys, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
    Global Strategy and Competitiveness, International Forwarding and Logistics, Cases on Business Economics
  • Nima Kordzadeh, Idaho State University, USA
    Business management, Health care information
  • Andrey Dmitriev, National Research University, Russia
    Business Informatics, Business Economics, Dynamic Systems
  • Elio Shijaku, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
    Economics, Finance Management, Business Systems Economics, Business Management
  • Gediminas Davulis, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
    Economics, Finance Management, Business Systems Economics, Business Management
  • Matjaz B. Juric, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Service Oriented Architectures - SOA, Business Process Modeling and Execution (BPEL, BPMN), Business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) integration, Patterns, particularly for integration, business processes, and component models
  • Fotis Kitsios, University of Macedonia, Greece
    Strategic Business Management, Innovation Management, Development of New Products and Services, Marketing Management - Market Research - Customer Satisfaction, Quantitative Methods - Data Analysis, Operations Research - Multicriteria Analysis
  • Saulius Gudas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
    Business Informatics, Business Process (Enterprise) Modelling Methodologies and Techniques, Enterprise Software Systems Development
  • Gintautas Garšva, Vilnius University, Lithuania
    Business Environment Factors, Information Society Technologies

Organizing Committee

  • Dimitrios Nasiopoulos, University of Peloponnese, Greece
  • Ioannis Drivas, Linnaeus University, Greece
  • Alexandros Nasiopoulos, University of Peloponnese, Greece
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